Honde Chemical Industry Bloc is a professional market-oriented chemical product enterprise whose headquarters is located in Hamburg of Germany. This enterprise was founded in 1945 and up to now it has a more than 60 years’ history. Honde mainly undertakes the research and development of adhesive, sealant, cleaning agent, lubricant,  flame retardant, surface treatment agent,  polishing material and so on which are widely applied to automobile, electron, aeronautics, metal, assembly, maintenance, durable consumable, packing and other industry. It not only supplies the whole set of automatic and manual painting equipment and solidification system, but also provides clients with corresponding efficient automatization solution scheme.

Honde Bloc always professes the tenet that ‘striving for gaining returned clients and for not getting returned goods’. It devotes to developing new technology and products and seeking new solution scheme persistently, and that it provides numerous clients with partnership-style support and suitable high value-added solution scheme.  Honde now has more than 600 research employees and more than 2,000 engineers all around the world, who spare no effort to supply professional and efficient services to clients of all kinds of industry.

During the past few decades Honde has gained trust from no fewer than 30,000 clients around more than 60 countries and has set up partnership with many noted automobile, aeronautics and shipping manufacture industry tycoons. Meanwhile Honde services different countries and districts using unified quality standard. It has gained authentications such as UL, NSF, FDA and CFIA.