Our History

1945,  HONDE chemical Corporation was set up in Hamburg, Germany with five persons

1957, Epoxy resin structural adhesive technology was patented, and the technology transfer fee can guarantee funds for performing company normal functions in the early years.

1963, Establish our own production lines, and had the epoxy resin structural adhesive go into mass production.

1966, Acrylic structural adhesive developed.

1972, Successful development of industrial cleaning agents, HONDE cleaning agents company was set up.

1975,HONDE surface treatment technology company was founded.

1977, Cyanoacrylate was developed successfully.

1983, Silicone, anaerobic was developed successfully.

1991, After resources integrating, HONDE chemical group founded, the registered capital of 29,000,000 DM.

1995, HONDE(Chicago) Co., Ltd. was founded in the United States.

2000, Have taken over England PTCG lubricants manufacturer company.

2004, HONDE (Singapore) Co., Ltd. Founded

2006, HONDE (India) Co., Ltd. Founded

2009, HONDE (Italy) Co., Ltd. Founded

2011, HONDE (South Africa) Co., Ltd. Founded

2017, HONDE (Japan) Co., Ltd. Founded