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We have a heritage of innovation. Our expertise and leadership in adhesives, sealants & surface treatments materials are behind every product, service, and solution we offer. Use our tools, tips, and people to help solve your problems. Learn what industries we have helped - and see how that expertise can serve you.


Honde offers a full range of high-performance adhesives. We will work with you to assess your adhesive requirements and recommend a total adhesives solution including the best adhesives for your needs and the right dispensing system.


Surface Treatment

The chemical treatment of metal surfaces is our core competence. Like no other company, we focus our worldwide activities on the development and implementation of customized technology and system solutions for Surface Treatment. Our products are developed for cleaning, giving corrosion protection, sealing, improving paint adhesion, and facilitating the forming and treatment of metals. are used in the most diverse industry sectors from automotive to aerospace, and have played a leading role in shaping metal treatment.

Precision Polishing Product

Since 1945,Honde Precision Polishing Product has been pursuing the business that is based on the key technologies related to paricles and coating techniques.


Honde develops bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions for the automotive and shipbuilding industries, for assembly of buses, lorries and railway vehicles. But we are also a development partner and supplier for the manufacture and assembly of sandwich panels, structural glazing, massive rotor blades on windmills and even the production of white goods.

We also develop solutions for repairing bonded units. Honde is now one of the world’s largest suppliers of bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions in the industries listed above.

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